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What is "Omakase"?


 What's "Omakase" all about?

Omakase is a cherished part of Japanese culture, akin to the concept of "Chef's Choice" or "Trust the Chef."
Have you ever been to a traditional sushi restaurant in Japan? There, you might hear a special phrase exchanged between the customers and the chef - "Omakase, onegaishimasu!"

"Omakase" origins date back to the 1990s in Japan when sushi was still considered a delicacy enjoyed by a select few who appreciated the expertise of skilled artisans. As the Japanese economy thrived during the bubble era, sushi gained widespread popularity, and more people wanted to experience its delights. However, newcomers to sushi felt uncertain about how to fully enjoy the experience.
That's when "Omakase" came into play!

Customers would kindly entrust the chef with their meal, allowing the chef to serve them the best combination of sushi or sashimi, carefully curated and presented in the most delightful sequence.
Omakase is a treasured tradition, and we, the confectionery enthusiasts who adore Japanese sweets, invite you to experience it firsthand.


With our "Omakase Box," you can entrust us to curate a delightful assortment of Japan's most beloved treats, carefully selected and thoughtfully packed for your pleasure.

Join us on this enchanting journey, and let us create a wonderful experience that will delight your taste buds and warm your heart. Trust us for an extraordinary adventure - we promise an unforgettable and delightful treat!
Embrace the spirit of "Omakase" with our Omakase Box and savor the essence of Japanese confections like never before!

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