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Out of over 50 types of Gummy Candies in Japanese market, we'll select the best 12 types !

Gummy Candies: Japan's growing snack in market

In Japan, gummy candies have gained popularity, partly due to more time spent at home during the pandemic. Their satisfying chewiness and the convenience of not needing disposal like gum make them ideal for work or study breaks. The diverse and unique flavors also encourage social sharing online, adding to their appeal.

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You like to enjoy the latest gummy candies in the Market? then, this is the perfect one for you!

Japanese Snack Mania

You like enjoying snack when you travel to Japan? Then, this is the perfect box to treat yourself back home

Examples of Gummies in our box

Kanro Candemina

Idea Package Mix Juice

Kanro Pure Ring

UHA Tsumu Gummy Block

Kabaya TOUGH Gummy Kiwi Spark

Meiji Kaju Gummy Mikan

UHA Shigekix Soda

Nobel Peta Gummy Cola

UHA Sakeru Gummy Apple

UHA Shigekix Lemon

Kanro Pure Premium Peach

Kanro Pure Premium Mango

Kabaya TOUGH Gummy Orange Vibes

Idea Package Cream Soda

Column heading

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy

Kaneka Amami Melon Gummy

Kanro Pure Premium Orange

Kasugai Tsubu Gummy Soda

Kanro Marosh Yoghurt Soda

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy

JA Amaou Strawberry Gummy

Idea Package Lemon Squash

12 types of randomly selected gummy candies from Japan

No Cheap Gummy Candies! All Regular Packs that you find at Convenience Stores in Japan!


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