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Nothing but Grape

A carefully selected assortment of the latest and rarest grape and muscat-flavored gummies from Japan. Perfect for grape enthusiasts seeking unique, hard-to-find treats.

Japan: Land of Grapes & Muscat

Growing high-quality grapes relies heavily on temperature; regions with an average temperature of 10-20°C and notable day-to-night temperature variations are ideal for grape cultivation.

Reflecting this, Japan cultivates over 60 varieties of grapes primarily for fresh consumption.

With such background, every year candy brands introduce many new snacks with grape flavour. If you're a fan of Japanese grape gummy candies, here's the perfect box for you.

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Grape Addict

We select nothing but grape gummy candies! If you're gummy fan and grape mania, nothing suits better than this!


You like to enjoy the latest gummy candies in the Market? then, this is the perfect one for you!

Japanese Snack Mania

You like enjoying snack when you travel to Japan? Then, this is the perfect box to treat yourself back home

Examples of Muscat Gummies

Kaneka Okayama Shine Muscat

Meiji Kaju Gummy Muscat

Bourbon Fettucine Muscat

UHA Mizu Gummy Muscat

Meiji Kaju Gummy Danryoku +

Lions Natadecoco Gummy Muscat

Kanro Pure Muscat

UHA Cororo Muscat

JA Nagano Shine Muscat

Examples of Grape Gummies

UHA Cororo Grape

Meiji Kaju Gummy Danryoku +

Lions Natadecoco Gummy Grape

UHA Sakeru Gummy Grape

Bourbon Fettucine Grape

Meiji GOCHI Gummy Grape

Kanro Pure Gummy Grape

Kaju Gummy Grape

Meiji Kaju Gummy Grape

Kabaya TOUGH Gummy Grapy Punch

Bourbon Sharimoni Gummy Grape

Nobel Petagummi Grape

Kabaya Pure & Natural Gummy Grape

Kanro Marosh Grape Soda


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